Estany's Day and Cooking show in Estany d'Ivars i Vila-sana


The fifth anniversary being celebrated its filling despite the rain.

The activities have been suspended by rain will continue under the Fair Ivars d'Urgell on 5 and 6 April. The Consortium Ivars i Vila -sana has organized various activities
On the Day of the estany. Bad weather and drizzle forced to cancel the boat rides , planting plants and trees and bird ringing . However, the third Gastronomic cuisine Pond, dedicated to the new Pla d'Urgell , has been held . 320 have been recorded tastings of the dishes are prepared especially for the Other restaurants should  Cal Xelín, Cal Modest, Petit Xiroi,  Amoca, restaurant 2007 and Castell del Remei. Nor have missed the wine cellars of Castell del Remei , "estanyets", cookies shaped pond that has prepared the Oven Can Gil Ivars d'Urgell and Ratafia Quevall from Bellpuig.
Within the Lake Fair , organized by the City of Ivars d'Urgell for the coming Saturday and Sunday ( April 5 and 6 ) , participating restaurants to continue offering Gastronomic tasting of the dishes are specially prepared for this occasion . Also, throughout the month of April, as was planned, the restaurants participating in the initiative have created new recipes Pla d'Urgell in their menus and greeted customers with free tastings from these plates heads week.
The President of the Consortium of Lake , Francisco Fabregat , announced that as " The Day of the lake has been tarnished by the weather , the Consortium summons people who want to celebrate the day at the Fair the Ivars d'Urgell . And wishing to participate in tree planting or boat rides can do it next weekend . "In fact, it will open the season on boats , so until next Saturday and will until October .
Day Pond is a celebration that has been done since 2009 to commemorate the final filling of the pond , after his recovery. To mark the anniversary , the Lakes Consortium organizes activities for the whole family to promote recreation in the lake , activities related to the environment and spreading patromini pond . Five years after filling  the natural fully consolidated , is an important and welcome dwelling birds , small mammals , while the back there otter and there is a program introducing pond turtle .

Mollerussa , March 30 - 2014