III Cookinh show in estany d'Ivars i Vila-sana

Show cooking 2014

III Gastronomic cuisine Tin has Pla d'Urgell new protagonist .

The Festival will start on March 30 and will run throughout April
Six restaurants around the lake part in the show with new dishes to their menus and tastings free weekend of April
III Gastronomic cuisine Pond will be dedicated to the new Pla d'Urgell . Six restaurants are located around the lake Xiroi - Petit , Xelín Cal , Cal Modest , The Amoco in 2007 and the restaurant will offer Castell del Remei - tasting recipes specially created for this initiative within the day Pond, March 30 and April 30 to offer in his letter proposals for new dishes . In addition , the weekend of April , these stores greeted customers with a lid of your tin dish .
As explained by the President of the Consortium of Ivars i Vila -sana , Francisco Fabregat : "The aim is that several chefs create original dishes , sweet or savory , a common ingredient , a product rooted in the territory and identify with the flavors of the cuisine of this area of the West . "He also explained that, thanks to the project Gustum Consortium Leader Urgell - Pla d'Urgell , has contacted producers and restaurateurs because" products produced by local growers in the province of Lleida are present in the Third recipes Gastronomic cuisine Pond . "
Coinciding with the fifth annual Day of the pond, holding the filling of the final recovered Ivars i Vila -sana , the show will kick off its lake and visitors can make tasting food a price of 1, $ 5 and will be accompanied by a kind of cake -shaped pond, ponds , Oven Can flattered by Gil Ivars d'Urgell . Along with tasting meal , visitors can take a drink from the wine cellars Castell del Remei ( 1 euro cup ) .
In previous years , the show was dedicated to cooking eel (2012 ) identified the fish very natural , especially with the old pond, and apple ( 2013) , a fruit versatile and grown in Lleida . In the second Gastronomic cuisine Pond were using more than 460 tastings , a figure expected to increase and repeat .
To find the dishes that have been created for the third Gastronomy Cuisine tin centered again, and to disseminate the same initiative
has published a cookbook . The recipe includes the ingredients and the preparation of the seven recipes of the show, along with a description of the wines of the winery Castell del Remei , recipe information and ponds of local producers of culinary ingredients .
It n'editarà 2,000 copies will be distributed the same day in Lake View , the information points around the lake in April , the participating restaurants and information points tourist from all over and the Lleida in Catalonia.

Mollerussa , March 17 , 2014