Workshop trails wildlife

On June 8 there will be a new activity with veterinary technician and wildlife expert, Louis...

Thymus vulgaris

Recognition of plants and traditional uses

On May 26, we will walk the expert herbalist Joseph M. Vilar know plants and therapeutic uses of plants present in...

Aerial Photo of the pond

New crops for conservation of the lake

The Consorci de l'estany d'Ivars i Vila-sana and-Catalonia La Pedrera Foundation have signed an agreement for the...


Natural Youth Week - 2013

The Natural Youth Week is an initiative of the Consorci de l'estany d'Ivars i Vila-sana for children 7 to 12 years,...

Catigat 2013

Cati-Gat 2013

Here come the Cate-Cat 2013, the popular ride Pla d'Urgell: 100 km, 18 towns, 1 county.

The ride, organized...

II volta solidària

II Volta solidària a l'estany

On April 14, the Consorci de l'Estany d'Ivars i Vila-sana in collaboration with Social Services Pla d'Urgell,...

activitats primavera / estiu 2013

Activities Spring / Summer 2013

For the months of April to September are scheduled the following activities:

II Mostra de Cuina d

II Mostra de Cuina d'Estany

On Sunday, 24 March, the restaurants on the banks of the lake showed a selection of dishes with full name; culinary...

dia de l

Dia de l'Estany - 2013 - #diaestany

On Sunday 24 March to commemorate the Recovery lagoon with activities. The Consorci de l'estany d'Ivars and...

gavines estany ivars

New educational source: Aus de l'estany d'Ivars i Vila-sana

The Estany d'Ivars i Vila-sana has introduced a new educational resource "Birds of pond Ivars and...

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