Released new specimens of pond turtle


 The Consortium of Lake Ivars and Vila-sana, CatalunyaCaixa Foundation, the Province of Lleida, the Recovery Center of Amphibians and Reptiles of Catalonia (CRARC) and the University of Lleida (UDL) collaborate from July of 2010 in a project to introduce to the pond of Ivars and Vila-sana European pond turtle (Emys orbicularis), a protected species and high risk of extinction in Catalonia.

The new units have been released in July, with sender, this queloni the acclimation pond. The Department of Animal Production, University of Lleida will take a radio tracking to assess the adaptation of the species and know the areas where you move.

Last year, in fact, they were released and five copies, despite the low natural recorded a specimen, probably because of predation, the adaptation of the species in the lake can be assessed very positive. The copies released in 2011 have lived in this period of acclimation pond and have completed their life cycle normally. Even mating has been found that there was, and this year it may appear as the first animals born in the lake.

The acclimation pond, located in the middle of cane input, has about 300 m2 and acts as a nucleus for acclimatization. All turtles that inhabit have been genetically selected, bred in captivity and come from CRARC.

Currently, the only pond turtle populations of which are on record in Catalonia in the Ebro Delta, the Aiguamolls, the Lower Ter and the Forest Plan, but only in this last place we can talk of a population in relatively good condition. In other locations, are populations with a very low number of copies, some, like those of Banyoles, are subject to a draft conservation.